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This document is updated regularly.  Visit this page frequently to keep up to date with any new terms and conditions.

Web Site Purchases

  1. If you order a web site, you have a 14 day cooling off period after your order, plans will be drawn up but no work will begin at that point, the cooling off period excludes the cost of the domain rental.
  2. When you buy a web site from us, you also need to rent a domain from us.  Once the domain is rented on your behalf you cannot be refunded for that, there is no cooling off period for a domain purchase.  However, you can claim your 14 day cooling off period against the rest of the web site cost a per point 1 above.
  3. A rented domain cannot be transferred to another hosting company.  It remains our possession but:  A) You have the right to chose a new web design company, you do not need to use us, but the domain must stay hosted on our server and with that comes the hosting and rental costs.  B) You can forward to another hosting provider but there is the rental and a yearly forwarding charge.  C) You have the right to re-rent your domain each year under our fair policy.  We will not rent it to anyone else providing you still want to rent it and pay for the rental fee. If your fee laps for over 3 months we can rent to someone else, at that point you cannot get the domain back unless the new renter decides they no longer want it.
  4. From June 2017 you will be able to pay your web site bill in monthly instalments rather than in a yearly lump sum. In this case your web site will be paid one month in advance and will cease when payments are not made.
  5. We sites that are unpaid are stopped, web site that are 3 months overdue are wiped and can be re-rented.
  6. Most of our prices are on our flag ship web site (, we offer a full fair play policy and do no inflate our prices.

 Video or File Downloads

  1. Any DOWNLOADS made from our shop or non-refundable as they are videos or files which can be instantly downloaded and played or viewed on your computer.
  2. If you have NOT downloaded the video or file we will be happy to refund you, for example if you have bought the same video or file twice and your original had not expired or you bought it by mistake and have not downloaded it.
  3. Once you download a video or file we cannot refund you for that video or file as you are in possession of it.
  4. The video or file is for your use and is not to be shared via copies to other people for example on social media or giving it to be used on a friends device.  You may download more than one copy for use on multiple devices, for your own use.  For example, you might want an instruction on your PC, tablet and phone for use in the gym and at home, but you cannot put a copy on a device that does not belong to you for example, a friends tablet.

Postal products

  1. If you are unhappy with any postal product you may return this item (postage paid by you) and we will refund you, minus the postage charge for the item.  Normally the item should be returned within 14 days but our policy on this site gives you 21 days from the date of purchase made on the web site.
  2. If the item is faulty we will refund you upon the return of the item.  If you wish to have a replacement you will then need to re-order the item.
  3. If the item is the wrong size we will refund you upon the return of the item.  If you wish to have a replacement you will then need to re-order the item.


Coupons, Vouchers and Points (these have no money value at all, they cannot be exchanged for any money, they can only be used in the shop).

  1. Coupons and vouchers have specific use, you should check the terms and conditions for each coupon and voucher.
  2. Some coupons and vouchers require a minimum spend or only work with specific web products.
  3. Points are collected when you make a purchase from the shop, some items are excluded from points collecting.
  4. Bonus points are awarded on occasions and you should check the terms and conditions for these offers.
  5. Coupons, Vouchers and Points maybe be used for full or part payments for items.
  6. Coupons, Vouchers and Points have no value and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  7. Points can be removed at anytime without notice so you are advised not to collect them for long periods.
  8. There is a maximum number of points you may collect, after this time you will stop collecting points until you have used some.
  9. Coupons, Vouchers and Points cannot be used against subscription costs.