We are currently looking for both male and female models to feature on a whole range of web sites, from clothing, food, accomodation to garages, clubs and fitness sites.  The work we do is strictly non-nude.  We do not do any controversal, racist or sexual photos.  This is for professional work only.

The Deal:- We do a FREE portfolio shoot with you and then circulate your details with the rest of our models to our customers. If you are selected, we contact you to see if you are free.

Workload:-  The workload is NOT guaranteed, but you do get paid for each modelling job you do.

Experience:- No experience is necessary for these.

Process:- You will be interviewed by a panel of 3 people prior to being accepted.

To apply for this:-

1. Email:- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

2. Send the 4 required photos when asked

3. If selected, attend an interview with a panel of 3

4. Decide if you want to be a model.