Here you will find a list of our current jobs and castings.

Freelance Web Designers

As a small, yet expanding business, we are always on the lookout for freelance web designers, vacancies are always on this site so keep checking, however we are always keen to hear from applicants.  The process is very simple.  You have access to a list of job and how much that job will pay, as some site are bigger than others and so pay more.  You are told the deadline and then once you take the job you are sent all the site information.  Payment is made into your bank account on a job per job basis at the start of each month following the successful completing the of the job and acceptance by the client.  It is that simple.  Once a job is completed successfully you can then select another job from the list.  Your first job is selected for you and paid at a reduced rate which is shown clearly, if we and the client are happy with your work then you are issued with a freelance contract to sign and the rest of the jobs are released for you to select from yourself and payment is made per job at the full rate.


Twice a year we run a 6-month internship programs to give those with little web experience the chance to learn a new skill.  Those that complete the course successfully are often given the chance to become freelance web designers with us and start earning money.  In this case you are offered a freelance contract and the first reduced paid job as stated above does not apply as you have done your training with us.  There are several sections to the Internship and it covers, Web Design, Digital Photography, Video Shooting, Video Editing, Graphics Design and Customer Services.  This gives you an all-round picture into the world of professional web design.  As a freelance web designer you will receive a number of perks including hosting for your own personal web site.  You will attend training 7 times over 6 months and have frequent Skype meetings with your trainer.  A certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the course and you can then use the company as a reference for other jobs.

Freelance Modelling

As part of our web design business we are always on the lookout for new models of all ages.  So far we have concentrated on male but will be expanding to female models from June 2016 so we welcome applicants now.  You can see a list of our current selection of models on this site.  If you wish to be a model, you are required to attend a modelling interview shoot where photos are taken.  Where possible we try to find you your first small web modelling job which will be done free of charge.  This, along with your photos at the session will be circulated amongst our web design clients and developers as well as on our web site and social media.  If you are requested for a modelling job, we will then contact you and arrange a mutual agreeable time for you to attend our mat room for photographing.  Payment is made upon successfully completion by you and acceptance by the client, some jobs are unpaid but all jobs allow you to use a selection of footage for your own portfolio.  Where payment is made, it is made direct into your bank account.  A freelance modelling agency contract is issued to you prior to your first shoot request from a client or developer either paid or unpaid.  The fee charged as your agent is only 20%.


We are new to this area and started in 2016 looking for actor to play the part in small movies for the web, wrestling matches, martial arts and fitness videos.  We welcome people of all ages and backgrounds for these posts.  These all our casting internal posts in 2016 are unpaid but you will be given a a copy of the video for you to use a selection of for your portfolio to show off your skills.  We are keen to support those with and without experience.  We have an array of kit meaning we record in Full HD, Dolby 5.1 Surround and 3D , plus we do Chroma Key special effects using post video editing.  For wrestles we have a 30 square foot wrestle mat, this is also used for martial arts video, mma, self-defence, fitness videos and range of special effects.

UMT Members

There are 2 openings for new UMT members to join, this will take the number up to 7.  This requires a 5 year contact deal from our sponsors, Web Buster UK Ltd will put up the majority of the money for this.  You will give fitness advice online and through working with a number of gyms we will produce content videos for your site.


Freelance Modelling

Jobs and Castings

Freelance Modelling

As part of our web design business we are always on the lookout for new models of all ages to feature on our customer web sites. Click the image above to find out more and see if you would like model for us.

We are currently recruiting male models, if you are keen please email us:- 


In 2014/2015 we made fitness videos for the web with some good success.  From 2016 we will be making mini web movies which we welcome actors with or without experience to apply for various casting roles.

We currently have 2 vacancies.  Click the image to find out more about the 2 vacancies.